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extending the gospel of the kingdom

April 27-28, 2019
Moncton, New Brunswick

Yearning to reach others?

Looking for a fresh approach?

Feeling 'burned out' and going through the motions?

Eager to leave a legacy of impact for God's Kingdom?

Rethinking what it means to be and do church?

Hungry for meaningful connections?


Raw material ... starting components ... tipping points ... a Refiner's fire ... movement ... flow. These words evoke rich images of those who are grappling with how to live out and spread the good news of the Kingdom, in ways which are Scripturally rooted and context sensitive to the hearer.

In April, 2017 many gathered in Toronto to learn and engage with others who are passionate about the gospel through keynote sessions, panels, workshops and micro-sessions.  (check In April, 2018 a West Canada gathering in Calgary drew on regional influencers. (check We look forward to facilitating a similar experience in Moncton this coming Spring! See below … 

The UnConference

Two Days of Powerful Interaction
April 27-28, 2019
 8:30 t0 5

Since 2005, Pathfinders has hosted training events for and by grass roots workers in order to stimulate further organic church understanding and practice in a post-Christendom and increasingly secularized world. These events have been a gathering place for disciplemakers, house churchers and frontier gospel workers in a variety of settings.

Conference tracks:

1. Organic churching through family networks, house churches and other simple expressions. 
2. Insider movements to First Nations, Muslim and Buddhist neighbors.
3. Online strategies for the gospel.
4. Missional church in a post-denominational world.
5. Marketplace ministry as seeking the shalom and prosperity of the city.

Stephen Cousins


First Nations Focus

Maria Bartholomew


Serving the Sick

Issam Khoury


Reaching Musliim Friends

Ragnar Oborn


Gospel on Web

Jim Klaas

Wolfville, Guelph

40 Days of Discipleship


Todd Sinclair


Lessons Learned Migrating From Big Church to Home Church

Deb Floyd


Sharing Our Table


Scott McCready



& Faith Communities

Nancy Nichols

Presque Isle, Maine

Kingdom Body-Building

Peter Lee


Hosting Investigative Bible Discussions

Don Smith


Spiritual Conversations

David Dytynyshyn


Metaphors For  Shame

Ray Klassen


Being Good News

Chuck Lakin


Spirit Led Home Felllowships

Val Slipp


Ecology As Witness

Alex Matheson


Disciplemaking Reboot

John Klaas


Micro-Kindness & Macro-Care

Mark Rytkonen


Kids & Home Church

Ken Anderson


Cultivating A Life Of Prayer



Keith Sullivan


Connecting With

Jewish Friends


Robert  Adams


Political Discussions As Missional Marketplace

Sharon Ford

Gaspe', Quebec

Quiet Time: Sourcing Radically Refreshing Relationships

Ragnar O. & Jim K.

Leveraging Media


Steve Slater


Experiencing The Gospel

Bill Swan

Japan, Las Vegas

Family As Church

Rusty Stephens


Let's Change Now!


Marcel Lebrun


12 Neighbors Video



Neil Cole

Neil comes as a rare combination of seasoned grass roots disciplemaking experience, Kingdom-mission insight and leadership humility. His biblical depth is reflected in his books which have helped many, from denominational leaders to burned out local church goers, to discover new paths forward.


Conference host

Ross Rains is an office rental landlord in London, ON and facilitates the Pathfinders tribe which seeks to stimulate gospel movement and disciplemaking beyond the church building, clergy-centered and Christendom patterns he once helped build over many years. And, he believes the clues for the advance of the Kingdom in the Atlantic region are already within and among God's frontline workers, many who are presenting.

Click this link to check out his missional white paper on Acts 15 And The Bifurcation Of Gospel Movements

Conference team

Don Smith, Mortgage Broker, Moncton, NB
Doug Vicars, Serial Entrepreneur, Dartmouth, NS

Stephen Cousins, First Nations Youth Mentor, PEI

Todd Sinclair, Corporate Sales Trainer, Toronto, ON

Ross Rains, People & Property Development, London, ON


Past Events

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Our meetings take place at the Crowne Plaza. Guests responsible for all meals and accommodations.

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